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Update on Tomorrow’s Main Event

We believe in being 100% transparent with our fans. That being said the advertised Ultimate Jeopardy Main Event that was originally scheduled as a 6 Man Tag Team Match will now be a straight 2-on-2 tag team match with different stipulations than originally advertised.

Both Caleb Courageous and Gustavo Aguilar both received separate last minute opportunities that would conflict with the Fire on the Mountain event. Both men were incredibly professional in contacting us and letting us know their situations. With it being one person from each team that would be out of the match, it still made things even, so we had no problem with these gentlemen missing the event and they will be both be back on future Innovate Wrestling cards.

The stipulation for this match was to be that if the JHP team lost, manager John Hawkins would have to leave Innovate Wrestling. Unfortunately John Hawkins and his entire family have contracted Covid-19 are in quarantine. John has very young grandchildren that are sick with the virus, so please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

The Ultimate Jeopardy Match will now be a traditional tag match featuring Innovate Grand Champion Toby Farley and the holder of the VIP Fast Pass, Axton Ray against the The Devil’s Duo of Chris Richards & Jordan Kage.

All 4 men will have something on the line:

  • If Toby Farley loses the fall he will have to defend his title against the winner of the fall in a match of that person’s choosing
  • If Axton Ray loses the fall he will lose the VIP Fast Pass to the winner of the fall
  • If Chris Richards loses the fall he will have to leave Innovate Wrestling
  • If Jordan Kage loses the fall he will have to shave his head in the middle of the ring

Here is the rest of tomorrow’ night’s card in Kingsport at the Civic Auditorium:

Mixed Tag Team Match
The Neon Blondes (Facade & Dani Mo)
Jimmy & Jazzy Yang
— This match is sponsored by Wrasslin 4 the Kiddos. Find our more info here.

Grudge Match
Jason “The Gift” Kincaid
“The Millennial” Chance Rizer

Champions Challenge Match
US Tag Team Champions The Cross Brothers (Christian & Aden Cross)
Kerry Morton & JC Addams
— If Morton & Addams win, they will get an immediate Title Match.

Contenders Ring Match
“The Playmaker” Tyler Foshie
The debuting Beastman

Contenders Ring Match
“The Thrillbilly” Silas Mason
Tyler Thorn

Tennessee Stampede Match
Featuring upcoming stars from Innovate Wrestling, SOM & more including:
Josh Strong
TJay Sykes
Percy Drews
Anthony Taylor & More!

*Card & Wrestlers Subject to Change*

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