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The Contenders Ring

The Contenders Ring is the new ranking system to determine challengers for the Innovate Wrestling United States Championship.

Here are the rules of The Contenders Ring:

  • Only wrestlers ranked in The Contenders Ring are eligible to challenge for the United States Championship.
  • The Contenders Ring will consist of five contenders.
  • Innovate Wrestling officials will select which of the five contenders will receive a title match at each event.
  • Every time a Contender wrestles a singles match, their spot in the Contenders Ring is up for grabs.
  • If a Contender loses a singles match, the person that defeats them will replace them in The Contenders Ring.
  • If a Contender loses in their United States Championship Match, their spot in The Contender Ring will become vacant.

Due his status at the final NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Champion upon his return Chase Owens will face whomever the Interim United States Champion is at the time. The winner of that match will Undisputed Innovate Wrestling United States Champion. Because Chase has automatically been granted this match, he will not be placed in The Contenders Ring.

By virtue of his TV Championship win this past Saturday, Jeff Connelly will not be placed in The Contenders Ring. The TV Championship will be defended separately from The Contenders Ring. However if someone from The Contenders Ring challenges for the TV Championship and loses, their spot in The Contenders Ring will become vacant.

Based of their singles victories this past Saturday, Two men have been placed in The Contenders Ring with three vacant spots remaining. Here is who is currently in The Contenders Ring:

  • Lenny Stratton – Stratton defeated Wayne Adkins this past Saturday in Bristol, TN.
  • Austin West – West was victorious over his former partner Tyler Foshie at Episode 1.

The remaining 3 spots will be filled on upcoming events. You can find out the most current information about the Contenders Ring by clicking here.


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