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Tag Team Turmoil This Saturday!

Back at Collision Course, The Jones Boys (Hogan & Cooper Jones) defeated the Savages in the Finals of the Model City Classic Tag Team Tournament. By virtue of their win, The Jones Boys also became the NWA Smoky Mountain Tag Team Champions. The new championship belts will be presented to the Jones Boys this Saturday in Kingsport, TN at Summer Bash 2017. However, Cooper & Hogan may not have physical possession of those titles for long as they will also be defending those titles this Saturday in Kingsport as well.

The Jones Boys will being putting their titles on the line in a Tag Team Turmoil Match. This match will feature 6 Teams as the Jones Boys defend against: The G-Squad (Tyler Foshie & Austin West); Mickey Muscles & Austin Tyler Morris; Los Chicanos (Jon & Jeff Castro); The Cross Brothers (Christian & Aden Cross) and Rouge 6 members Wild Bill & Travis Lee.

Two teams will start the contest and will compete under traditional tag team match rules until one team is eliminated. At that time another team will join the match. This will continue until only 1 team remains. The first 5 teams competing in the match will enter in a randomly drawn order. As the champions, The Jones Boys will enter the match last. Even with the championship advantage can Hogan & Cooper turn back the challenge of 5 other hungry young teams?

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