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May 27 – Chris Richards vs. Axton Ray

After battling throughout the Mountain Empire, Chris Richards and Axton Ray’s feud over the NWA Smoky Mountain TV Title comes to Mount Carmel on Saturday, May 27 as they battle in a Boot Camp Match.

Just last week at Collision Course 2017, Axton Ray beat Chris Richards by disqualification in a match that Ray seemingly had won until Jordan Kage pulled the referee out of the ring. When we roll into the Armed Forces Center in Mount Carmel on May 27 disqualifications won’t be a factor.

In a Boot Camp Match there are no disqualifications, no count outs and there must be a winner. These rules are a double edged sword for Axton Ray. On on hand, Axton won’t have to worry about Chris Richards getting disqualified to save his title. But, on the other hand, Ray will have to enter a “No Holds Barred” fight with one of the toughest men ever to step into a ring in East Tennessee. Will these rules work for or against “The Renegade”?

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