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Kincaid Challenges Rogue 6 on Aug. 19

What tricks will Jason Kincaid have up his sleeve as he attempts to gain retribution on Jeff Connelly and his Rogue 6 on Saturday, August 19 in Kingsport, TN a ReGenesis?

Back in June at Summer Bash, Jeff Connelly shocked the fans in attendance in Kingsport when he pinned former NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Champion Jason Kincaid with the help of “The Giant” Travis Lee. Lee and current Rogue 6 member Saradox were apart of Jason’s Kincaid’s Cabal in 2015. The group went their separate ways as Kincaid approached his 5th year as champion and his commitments throughout North America started to increase.

Kincaid mistakenly still saw Lee and Saradox as friendly faces. However, at Summer Bash that proved not to be the case. At the conclusion of his match with Jeff Connelly, with the referee distracted by Saradox, Travis Lee entered the ring. Jason went to give “The Giant’ a hug but instead Kincaid was given a “Woodsboro Massacre” Slam by Lee.

At ReGenesis, Jason Kincaid has challenged all of The Rogue 6. Will he face them alone or will he bring friends to even the odds? When Jason “The Gift” Kincaid makes an open challenge, anything is possible.

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