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June 17 – Steel Cage Match

After months of interference and back pedaling “The Renegade” Axton Ray gets his shot at NWA Smoky Mountain TV Champion Chris Richards in a Steel Cage Match!

This past Saturday in Mount Carmel, Chris Richards once against refused to wrestle Axton Ray in their scheduled Boot Camp Match. Richards told Axton that he would defend the title against him in a match of Ray’s choosing… But only if Axton could defeat his replacement for the night, Lenny Stratton.

After a hard fought Boot Camp Match that featured constant interference from Nicole Stratton, Axton Ray manged to come out on top. After the match, Axton announced that he wants to take on Chris Richards in a Steel Cage Match . NWA Smoky Mountain Promoter Tony Givens agreed and that match has been signed for Summer Bash 2017 on June 17 in Kingsport, TN

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