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Innovate Wrestling is Born!

NWA Smoky Mountain is now Innovate Wrestling!

With this new name comes a new and fresh approach to pro wrestling with the same great action that fans have come to expect from our events.

Here are a few of the changes that we have made to give our fans even better matches with more clear cut winners and losers:

Piledrivers are now legal
In NWA Smoky Mountain using a piledriver of any type was an automatic disqualification. This limited the offensive move set of many of our wrestlers. There will be no limits now as all forms of the piledriver can be used.

20 Count on the Floor
Wrestlers now have to the count of 20 to get back into the ring from the floor instead of the traditional 10 count. This gives the wrestlers more time to get back into the ring and lowers the chance of a count-out.

No more “over-the-top rope” disqualifications
Under NWA rules it is illegal to throw your opponent over the top rope. This is the most confusing rule in the history of pro wrestling. Most fans don’t even know this rule exists. So with no governing body to tell us what to do, we are getting rid of this rule.

Disqualifications are under “referee’s discretion”
The Innovate Wrestling referee staff has been informed to be lenient in matches involvings titles or personal issues. Fans want these important matches to have clear winners and losers. Our referees are going to “let the fight go” and use disqualifications at their discretion and only if it is absolutely necessary.

New Ranking System
Every match will matter in Innovate Wrestling. Woon we will be rolling out a ranking system to ensure that title matches are earned and all wins and losses matter.

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