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Contenders Ring

Axton Ray
– Axton Ray defeated Caleb Courageous at The Homecoming on 3/24/21

Chance Rizer
– Chance Rizer defeated James Johnson at The Homecoming on 3/24/21


The Contenders Rings Rules:

  • Only singles wrestlers ranked in The Contenders Ring are eligible to challenge for the Innovate Grand Championship.
  • The Contenders Ring will consist of five contenders.
  • Innovate Wrestling officials will select which contenders from The Contenders Ring will receive a title matches at each event.
  • Every time a Contender wrestles a standard singles match, their spot in the Contenders Ring is up for grabs.
  • If more than five singles wrestlers are eligible for the Contenders Ring, the contenders with the most recent victories will stay in The Contenders Ring and the others will drop out of contention.
  • Matches with special stipulations have no barring in The Contenders Ring.
  • If a Contender loses a match, the person that defeats them will replace them in The Contenders Ring.
  • If a Contender loses in their Championship Match, their spot in The Contender Ring will become vacant.
  • If the Innovate Grand Champion is defeated in a “non-title match” or a tag team match, the person that beat him will be entered into the Contenders Ring.