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Collision Course – Retton vs. Reed

Earlier this month at the NWA Smoky Mountain Cup, Timmy Lou Retton turned his back on the NWA Smoky Mountain fans by joining Dylan Sizemore’s Agency and stealing the Smoky Mountain Cup trophy from the man who had just defeated him for it, Toby Farley.

Later that night, “Hot Fire” Myron Reed confronted Retton in the locker room. Reed said that he used to look up to Retton but he didn’t agree with his actions.

Toby Farley has vowed revenge against Timmy Lou Retton. But that revenge will have to wait for another day as Farley is contractually obligated to defend his NWA Mountain Empire Title at Collision Course on May 13 in Kingsport. Despite Farley’s requests, NWA Smoky Mountain officials refuse to reward Timmy’s actions with an immediate title match.

However, Retton will have opportunity to earn a chance at the championship.  A Collision Course Timmy Lou Retton will take on the man who stepped up to call him out on his heinous actions, “Hot Fire” Myron Reed. The winner of that match will earn a future opportunity at the NWA Mountain Empire Championship.

Tickets for Collision Course 2017 on Saturday, May 13 in Kingsport are are Available Now!

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