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4 Way US Title Match this Saturday

Controversy reigned this past Saturday in Kingsport as The Illuminati interrupted the US Title Match between Toby Farley and Chase Owens. The group tried to recruit former member Chase Owens after Chris Richards laid out Toby Farley with a chokeslam. At first Owens put on the The Illuminati shirt, but then he showed the Illuminati where he really stood as he gave Austin Tyler Morris a package piledriver and bailed out of the ring.

Before the rest of the Illuminati could go after Owens, Toby Farley got up and tried to fight back against Devin Driscoll, Chris Richards and Jordan Kage. But the numbers were too much as The Illuminati continued the assault on Farley. Chase Owens came back into the ring to save Toby Farley, but he was eventually taken down as a well.

Several top stars such as Wayne Adkins and The Heatseekers tried to get into the ring to stop the beat down on Owens and Farley, but all were stopped as they tried to climb between the ropes. Eventually Innovate Wrestling promoter Tony Givens came to the ring to calm the situation down, but after that idea failed, he ended up  punching Jordan Kage before being taken down by Richards and Driscoll. Richards then grabbed Givens by the neck and gave him a chokeslam onto the hard ring apron area of the ring.

While this chaotic scene was taking place, Jeff Connelly and members of The Rogue 6 came to the ringside area. But instead of joining in on the fight, Connelly went to the production area and stole the new Innovate Wrestling United States Championship belt.

After the event Tony Givens signed a huge match for Shocktober this Saturday in Johnson City featuring Chase Owens vs. Toby Farley vs. Devin Driscoll vs. Jeff Connelly in a 1 Fall 4 Way Match for the Undisputed Innovate Wrestling United States Championship. This match will take place inside of a steel cage so that neither The Illuminati or The Rogue 6 will be able to help their respective leaders out as they battle two men who are out of retribution in Toby Farley and Chase Owens.

Innovate Wrestling and Evolution Championship Wrestling are coming together on Saturday, October 21 in Johnson City, TN at the Carver Rec Center for Shocktober. All matches will take place inside of a 25 Foot Steel Cage!

Saturday, October 21 – 7:00 PM
Carver Rec Center
322 W. Watauga Ave
Johnson City, TN

Already Signed:
Highway to Hell – 5 on 5 War Games Match
Team Evolution vs. Team PWS featuring New Jack

4 Way Match for the Innovate Wrestling United States Championship
Chase Owens vs. Toby Farley vs. Jeff Connelly vs. Devin Driscoll

Tag Team Attraction
Impact Wrestling’s Veterans of War vs. The Illuminati’s Chris Richards & Jordan Kage

Evolution TV Title Match
Champion Murphy Costigan vs. Cody Ices

6 Man Challenge
Lenny Stratton & The Heatseekers vs. The Phantom & The Disciples

Also Signed to Compete:
Jimmy Rave
Caleb Courageous
Axton Ray
Evolution Champion Jeff Storm
“Party Boy” Keith Knox & More!


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