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Contenders Ring

“Picture Perfect” Jordan Kage
– Kage defeated Draven Lee at Bloodsport on 1/27/18

Jason “The Gift” Kincaid
– Kincaid defeated Rob Killjoy at Christmas Chaos on 12/25/17

“Strong Style Redneck” Chris Richards
– Richards defeated Wayne Adkins at Christmas Chaos on 12/25/17

Austin Tyler Morris
– ATM defeated Ace Austin at Bloodsport on 1/27/18

“The Giant” Travis Lee
– Lee defeated Tyler Foshie on Bloodsport on 1/27/18

The Contenders Rings Rules:

  • Only singles wrestlers ranked in The Contenders Ring are eligible to challenge for the United States Heavyweight Championship.
  • The Contenders Ring will consist of five contenders.
  • Innovate Wrestling officials will select which contenders from The Contenders Ring will receive a title matches at each event.
  • Every time a Contender wrestles a standard singles match, their spot in the Contenders Ring is up for grabs.
  • If more than five singles wrestlers are eligible for the Contenders Ring, the contenders with the most recent victories will stay in The Contenders Ring and the others will drop out of contention.
  • Matches with special stipulations have no barring in The Contenders Ring.
  • If a Contender loses a match, the person that defeats them will replace them in The Contenders Ring.
  • If a Contender loses in their Championship Match, their spot in The Contender Ring will become vacant.
  • If the United States Champion loses their championship, They will automatically be entered into the Contenders Ring for a chance a rematch.
  • If the United States Champion is defeated in a “non-title match”, the person that beat him will be entered into the Contenders Ring.
  • Television Championship Matches are not dictated by The Contenders Ring. Any person that Innovate Wrestling officials deem worthy of an opportunity can receive a shot at the Television Championship.
  • The Television Champion is cannot be placed into the Contenders Ring unless he chooses to vacate the championship.
  • If a Contender loses a match to the Television Champion, they will lose their spot in The Contenders Ring as no person coming off of a loss is eligible for a United States Heavyweight Championship match.